Bani Ghanim Gate minaret

Bani Ghanim Gate Minaret
Bani Ghanim Gate Minaret

The Bani Ghanim Gate minaret was built by the Ayoubi judge Sharaf Ad-Din bin Abdul Rahman Bin As-Salih  in 1278 CE (677 AH) during the reign of Sultan Hussam Ad-Din Lajeen. It is a squared shaped minaret located near Bani Ghanim’s Gate and considered the most decorated of al-Aqsa’s four minarets.

  • With a height of 38.5 meters it is the highest minaret inside Masjid al-Aqsa with a staircase of 120 steps. The western tunnel which was dug by the Israeli Occupation Forces weakened the minaret’s foundations, requiring its renovation in 2001 (1422 AH).

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