Gate of the Chain minaret

Gate of the Chain Minaret
Gate of the Chain Minaret

The Gate of the Chain minaret is a Mamluk era minaret built by Prince Saif Ad-Din Tankz bin Abdullah An-Nasin in 1329 CE (730 AH). It rises next to the Gate of the Chain along Masjid al-Aqsa’s northern corridor.

  • The square-shaped minaret can be accessed through Madressa al-Ashrafiyah using an 80 step staircase. It is built on a squared base and topped with a covered porch resting on a set of stone column. The minaret was restored by the Supreme Islamic Council in 1922 CE (1340 AH) after being damaged in an earthquake. Israeli Forces banned Muslims from entering and use this minaret to “protect” Jewish worshippers at the Buraq Wall (Western Wall) which the minaret overlooks.

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