Madressa al-Manjakiyah

Madressa al-Manjakiyah

Front view of Madressa al-Manjakiyah

Madressa al-Manjakiyah is an Mamluk era former school located on the western wall of Masjid al-Aqsa, to the left when entering the mosque from the Inspector’s Gate. It is attributed to its founder and Waqf registrar, Saif Ad-Din Manjak Al-Yousifi An-Nasiri and is dated from the 14th Century CE (8th Century AH).

  • The building comprises of two floors which have a large covered corridor and include many rooms and halls of different sizes.
  • Built initially as a school, it was turned into a house towards the end of the Ottoman era. It also served as a shelter for foreigners who visited Jerusalem.
  • During the British Mandate it became an elementary school and was later renovated by the Supreme Islamic Council to use as its headquarters of the Jerusalem Waqf Directorate.

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