Pakistani Restaurants in Makkah – Delicious Cultural Cuisines

pakistani restaurants in makkah

Makkah, the spiritual heart of Islam, is not only a destination for pilgrimage but also a cultural crossroads where diverse culinary traditions converge.

Pakistani cuisine, known for its rich flavors and aromatic spices, has found a home in Makkah, offering locals and visitors alike a taste of the subcontinent’s culinary heritage.

7 best Pakistani restaurants in Makkah that serve delicious cultural cuisines

In this article, we will explore the top 7 Pakistani restaurants in Makkah, highlighting their unique offerings, ambiance, and the experiences they provide to patrons seeking an authentic taste of Pakistan.

Salt n Pepper

salt and pepper chicken biriyani

Location: Prince Majid Street, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Phone Number: +966 56 656 6967

Nestled in the heart of Makkah, Salt n Pepper is a culinary gem that captivates both locals and visitors alike with its diverse menu and inviting ambiance.

Stepping into the restaurant, you are immediately greeted by an elegant and modern interior, creating a pleasant atmosphere for an enjoyable dining experience.

The menu at Salt n Pepper is a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors, offering a wide array of dishes that cater to different palates.

From aromatic biryanis to sizzling kebabs and rich curries, the restaurant presents a culinary journey through Pakistani food that is both authentic and innovative.

However, the restaurant also offers other international dishes, from seafood specialties to pasta dishes to steaks.

One of the standout features of Salt n Pepper is the attention to detail in the presentation of dishes. Each plate is a work of art, showcasing the chef’s commitment to exquisite taste and visual appeal.

The use of fresh, high-quality ingredients is evident in every bite, elevating the dining experience to a new level.

The staff at Salt n Pepper contributes significantly to the overall positive atmosphere. Attentive and courteous, they add a personal touch to the service, ensuring that patrons feel welcome and well taken care of throughout their visit.

So, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Makkah, Salt n Pepper is a culinary oasis that shouldn’t be missed. It successfully marries tradition with innovation, creating a dining experience that stretches far beyond the ordinary.

From the moment you enter to the last bite of dessert, Salt n Pepper Makkah is a testament to the rich flavors Pakistani cuisine offers.

Customer Reviews

“This restaurant is a mixture of Pakistani and Indian Restaurant offering in buffet setting. The soup is hot and good. The Kebabs is tasty but in small pieces. The salad bar and the homus, is quite tasty but only a few choices. The main course of food is more spicy and only a few dishes. But total food dishes is quite satisfactory the delicacies, cakes is so moist and sugar free. I really enjoy the cake. The area is clean but the smell is annoying, they should had a clean air inside.” -goody381

“This is Pakistani restaurant offering all Indian delicacy in buffet. The taste is really laudable and cooked well. They needed more Kebabs option to enhance there buffet menu.”- sks-ngp

“I visited it yesterday. It’s buffet was delicious. I liked it’s bbq items …juicy n fresh..atmosphere was good too. Kids enjoyed moving around in open safe area.”- Marsvenus1980

Tayyibah Restaurant

samosa pakistani food tayyibah restaurant

Location : Misfala, Mecca Saudi Arabia,

Phone Number:+966 55 625 7134

At “Tayyibah,” the essence of the name resonates deeply with the culinary philosophy embraced by this Pakistani eatery.

“Tayyibah,” derived from the Arabic language, translates to “pure” or “wholesome.” This is not merely a linguistic nuance; it serves as the guiding principle behind the meticulous selection of ingredients that define the restaurant’s identity.

The commitment to using fresh, top-notch ingredients is the cornerstone of Tayyibah’s culinary approach. Each dish on the menu is a testament to this dedication, carefully made to ensure a harmonious blend of flavors that not only tantalize the taste buds but also uphold the values of wholesomeness.

From the vibrant produce to the finest cuts of meat, every element undergoes a stringent selection process, reflecting the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to quality.

While Tayyibah proudly specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, its culinary repertoire extends beyond geographical boundaries.

The menu is a canvas that paints a diverse picture, featuring bold flavors from the Middle East and international dishes that showcase a global culinary influence.

What unites these diverse offerings is the common thread of using the best and most vibrant components available, ensuring that each dish tells a story of freshness and excellence.

The dining experience at Tayyibah is not just a culinary journey; it explores the senses, where each bite encapsulates the essence of purity.

The restaurant’s ambiance complements this ethos, creating a welcoming space that invites patrons to savor the flavors and the commitment to quality ingrained in every aspect of Tayyibah’s culinary craftsmanship.

In a world where the choice of ingredients defines the character of a dish, Tayyibah stands as a beacon of culinary integrity, inviting guests to indulge in the pleasures of pure and wholesome dining.

Customer Reviews

“Not very far from the mosque. Fairly crowded so it’s gotta be good – although at times everywhere is crowded here!” – Gadgets

“Must try our Following Dishes👇🏻 KarahiGhosht Karahi Murghi Saagh Biryani Chicken Tikka Zarda Kheer And much more”- ibrahimAH-2019

“do not go here expecting fine dining.
the place appears a little messy, the tables and chairs are usually not in best of shape.
but the food more than makes up for this.
the simple menu with photos and list of items is nice and clear. the variety is good, a nice mix of pakistani and arabic food.
everything we tasted was fantastic
the best for me was the fried fish and the lamb curry
buryani was good too
the prices are very very reasonable so go and spoil yourself.”- Zeeshan T

Red Chillies

red chillies restaurant in makkah

Location: Odabaa street, Jeddah Saudi Arabia,

Phone Number: +966 59 077 6337

Red Chillies is not merely a restaurant but a culinary sanctuary that beckons connoisseurs of bold and spicy flavors.

With a commitment to crafting extraordinary dining experiences, this Pakistani establishment draws inspiration for spice-infused culinary traditions from globally acclaimed regions.

As you step into Red Chillies, anticipate embarking on a special culinary journey through a menu that pulsates with fiery specialties.

The heart of Red Chillies lies in its dedication to delivering an unforgettable dining experience, where each dish is a symphony of flavors meticulously composed to awaken the palate.

The menu, a treasure trove of culinary wonders, showcases various cuisines, each celebrated for its bold and unapologetic use of red hot chili peppers.

From Southeast Asia’s sizzling streets to Mexico’s vibrant kitchens, Red Chillies captures spice-rich culinary traditions from around the world.

As you peruse the menu, anticipate encountering dishes that transcend the ordinary, redefining the boundaries of flavor exploration.

The culinary maestros at Red Chillies have carefully curated each dish to not only satisfy the cravings of spice enthusiasts but also to tell a story of the regions that have inspired these creations.

The ambiance of Red Chillies is a reflection of its culinary philosophy. Vibrant hues, reminiscent of the fiery red chilies that grace the dishes, create a setting that stimulates the senses.

The warm and inviting atmosphere sets the stage for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting patrons to indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors.

In a world where culinary exploration is an art form, Red Chillies is a masterpiece. It invites diners to go beyond their comfort zones and embrace the bold, the spicy, and the extraordinary.

Whether you are a seasoned spice enthusiast or a curious palate adventurer, Red Chillies promises a dining experience that will leave an indelible mark on your taste buds, a symphony of spice that lingers in memory long after the meal is over.

Customer Reviews

“While returning from the Holy city of Makkah we decided to dine at Red Chillies before going home. This time in addition to our all time family favorite Beef Bihari Kabab we decided to try Beef Seekh Kabab. To be honest now Beef Seekh Kabab has become our next family favorite. The Kabab is very juicy and well done with a perfect taste neither too spicy nor too bland. It’s just the right taste. We also tasted their zinger burger, which again is worth trying. Well they also receive order on phone so its easy you order on the way and by the time you reach the your hot bbq items are ready. If you wish to try our new favorite go and grab Beef Seekh Kabab at Red chillies.”- moizmullanz

“As my kids love beef behari boti at Red Chillies we never overturn their demand. Last Thursday they were willing to have it again and so we went. In spite of full house we were served all three BBQ plates in no time beef Bihari boti as usual was melt in mouth and chicken malai boti was no less than it. It was an all good dinner ie from food to service to taste.”- moizmullanz

“This is a place for those who loves desi spicy food, behari boti, chapli kabab and chicken tikka along wiith paratha is a must try, The order takes time to be delivered but it’s worth the wait after tasting the food.”- annu2502016

La Sani

biriyani platter lamb mutton

Location: Madinah Road, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Phone Number: +966 50 462 0431

La Sani embodies a seamless fusion of sophistication and culinary diversity. Recognized for its commitment to delivering a refined dining atmosphere, this restaurant caters to patrons in pursuit of an elegant ambiance coupled with a diverse culinary repertoire.

Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, La Sani presents carefully crafted dishes to showcase a harmonious marriage of international and local flavors. From exotic global cuisines to locally inspired delicacies, the menu is a culinary journey that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Each dish is a masterpiece resulting from culinary expertise and a commitment to providing a sensory delight for diners.

Beyond the exquisite taste, La Sani also strongly emphasizes the visual presentation of its dishes. The artistry in culinary design is evident in every plate, elevating the dining experience to a level where aesthetics meet gastronomy.

The restaurant strives to create an upscale ambiance where each aspect, from the elegant décor to the polished service, contributes to an atmosphere that complements the culinary excellence on offer.

Customer Reviews

“One of the best restaurants in Jeddah to have authentic Indian / Pakistani food. Friendly and attentive staff. Delicious dishes. Have a buffet option in the evenings. Chiken tikka boti is our favourite. Mutton Qorma and Naan are excellent. Good food, good place , not pricey.”- MAFarooqui

“The best Pakistan restaurant In Jeddah is la sani.. Once you you try it you will come back to it again and again and again”- bhamdi

“Consistency is the name of their game, Have frequented Their buffet dinners are a real deal with great value. Of course it is a All-You-Can-Eat basis. A couple of Chinese dishes like Fried Rice and Chicken would also normally be offered but I wish they specialised strictly in Mughlai – their forte rather than dilute the focus. Instead, they could offer another 2 Mughlai delicacies. Well connected to the rest of Jeddah with parking not a major issue.”- Kidwais

Faisalabad Makkah Hotel

nihari dish from pakistani restaurant in makkah

Location: Hijrah Street, Mecca Saudi Arabia, 

Steeped in the rich cultural flavors of North India and Pakistan, Faisalabad Hotel and Restaurant transcends its namesake city, offering patrons a gastronomic journey that pays homage to the region’s culinary excellence.

The menu at Faisalabad Hotel and Restaurant is a symphony of flavors that reflects the essence of both North Indian and Pakistani culinary traditions.

As you step into this culinary haven, the aroma of aromatic biryanis permeates the air, setting the stage for a dining experience that promises to tantalize the taste buds.

Each grain of rice in the biryanis, meticulously infused with fragrant spices, tells a story of centuries-old culinary expertise.

The flavorful curries, a medley of spices, and slow-cooked perfection beckon to those seeking an authentic taste of the region’s culinary heritage.

One cannot overlook the allure of freshly baked tandoori bread that graces the tables at Faisalabad Restaurant.

The bread, with its crispy exterior and soft, pillowy interior, accompanies the array of aromatic dishes perfectly.

It is a reflection of the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and attention to detail in bringing the true essence of North Indian and Pakistani cuisine to every diner’s plate.

The sweet offerings at Faisalabad Restaurant are also nothing short of a confectionery masterpiece.

The dessert menu celebrates the region’s sweet tooth, from traditional delights to modern interpretations.

Each sweet treat creates an enticing assortment, capturing the essence of the diverse culinary heritage.

In every bite and every aroma that wafts through the air, Faisalabad Restaurant encapsulates the soul of North Indian and Pakistani culinary artistry.

It goes beyond being just a simple dining establishment; it is a cultural expedition, a celebration of the vibrant flavors and traditions that have defined this region for centuries.

Customer Reviews

“I visited this unassuming Pakistani place shortly before the Magrib prayer. The staff were super friendly and asked me to come back straight after Since food was still being freshly prepared. They were so kind they gave me some of their Sweet yellow rice “on the house” so I wouldn’t be left hungry. Their great service and the delicious jardo was motivation enough for me to return. Sure enough the food was super fresh they gave me a super generous helping with my choice of pieces too. The one portion of biryani was easily enough for 2 adults.”- somayya m

“A usually crowded and cheap restaurant. The food is good for those who miss their Indian taste. Although, you eventually get bored as the spices are not up to the mark.”- JafarSSM

“Faisalabad hotel is situated at P3 level food court of Clock tower Abdul Aziz clock tower building. It serves the best Pakistani food in Haram area. The food ranges from SAR10 TO SAR35 per dish. Today I took small Mutton pulao for SAR 25 and yesterday I tried pakora Kadi with rice chicken qorma and Biryani for SAR60. Food quality and taste are good.”- mraams99


shawarma wrap from marhaba makkah

Location: Al-Andalus Street, Jeddah 21468 Saudi Arabia

Marhaba restaurant serves as a beckoning expression of hospitality in Arabic, setting the tone for an immersive experience into the heart of Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

This dining sanctuary extends a genuine invitation to patrons, encouraging them to embark on a culinary journey through the authentic flavors of Arabic cuisine.

Prepare to be tantalized as you delve into a menu rich in iconic Middle Eastern dishes, each highlighting the region’s culinary mastery and cultural richness.

The fragrant shawarma, a Middle Eastern street food hallmark, promises a symphony of spices and succulence. The crispy falafel, golden and tempting, offers a delightful crunch that gives way to a flavorful interior, capturing the essence of traditional preparation methods.

The indulgence continues with the velvety hummus, a classic and beloved dip that embodies the simplicity and elegance of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Impeccably seasoned kebabs, skillfully grilled to perfection, showcase the mastery of Middle Eastern flavors. The dining experience at Marhaba will ultimately give you a chance to relish the dishes and the stories and traditions woven into each culinary creation.

What sets Marhaba apart is its ability to skillfully capture the essence of Middle Eastern dining. Beyond the delightful array of dishes, the restaurant’s ambiance reflects the vibrant markets and intimate eateries that dot the Middle Eastern landscape.

The warm colors, intricate decor, and inviting atmosphere create a setting that complements the authenticity of the cuisine, ensuring that guests feel transported to the heart of the Middle East.

Ultimately, Marhaba delivers a genuine taste of Middle Eastern hospitality in every bite and aroma that wafts through the air.

Customer Reviews

“Marhaba offers not only authentic Pakistani (South Asian) food but also great value for money. I especially like their daily lunch buffet which at SR 60 per person (drinks extra) is good value. The ambience is just OK – no frills, just an average place. The service is very good.”- akifsyed

“I must say ” it’s Awesome.. ” I had a lot of thing buy frm MARHABA and its wonderfull… I like mainly the sweets & Drinks of Marhaba …. Thank u & Congrats :)”- Arshad R

“An amazing place to go an enjoy oriental and sub continental dishes with your family and friends. Will definitely visit again and again!”- UzmaShad

Bar B Q Tonight Restaurant

bbq restaurant in makkah

Location: Flamingo Mall, Jeddah 23338 Saudi Arabia

Bar B Q Tonight is a top Pakistani restaurant chain, distinguished for its expertise in grilled meats and barbecue. However, when it comes to Makkah restaurants, you can find one in Saudi Arabia as well.

Specializing in the rich flavors of South Asia and Pakistan, this restaurant excels in the meticulous preparation of succulent kebabs, skewers, and expertly grilled meats.

The culinary magic lies in their carefully crafted marinades and spice blends, transforming each dish into an explosion of tantalizing flavors.

Indulge in the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of tender chicken tikka, relish the aromatic allure of spice-infused lamb chops, or satisfy your cravings with the smoky perfection of seekh kebabs.

Bar B Q Tonight isn’t just a dining destination; it’s a paradise specially made for barbecue enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled Pakistani culinary experience.

The restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence is evident in every bite, where the grill marks tell a story of perfected techniques and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Bar B Q Tonight has become synonymous with the celebration of flavors, drawing customers into a world where the grill becomes a canvas and each dish a masterpiece.

In a symphony of sizzling grills and the aromatic embrace of spices, Bar B Q Tonight invites diners to embark on a journey where South Asian and Pakistani culinary traditions shine.

Whether you are a connoisseur of the grill or a first-time visitor, the restaurant promises a memorable adventure where every bite exudes the best that Pakistani cuisine has to offer.

Customer Reviews

“I am usually very suspect of all you can eat buffets but BBQ Tonight laid all that to rest. I’m not saying I’m doing it here in the states but in Jeddah, it was Game On!!! The food was amazing and as usual I over ate. I love the sign over the food that says, more or less. “it is a sin to eat more than you need.” Needless to say, we over ate, enjoyed ever bite, and waddled out of there immensely satisfied.”- BoundforElsewhere

“BBQ Tonight has a very good spread of kababs and starters; fish, chicken, mutton and a few varieties of gravy items with salads and desi sweets is a great place to dine. The place is huge and very good ambience.”- SalimKafi

“One of the best Pakistani restaurant offering an extensive buffet of constantly refreshed delicious Pakistani cuisine (believe me it is more delicious and tasty than the cream-laden Indian fare) at a very affordable price.”- mohammadjavedr

Summary – Pakistani Restaurants in Makkah

From Firdous Restaurant to BBQ Tonight to everything in between, each restaurant has left an indelible mark on Makkah’s culinary landscape, offering diverse flavors and experiences.

Whether indulging in the rich traditions of Pakistani cuisine, savoring Middle Eastern delights, or embarking on a spicy journey, these establishments collectively contribute to Makkah’s identity as a cultural and culinary crossroads.

As patrons venture into these culinary havens, they will fulfill their appetites and embark on journeys celebrating the rich flavors that define Makkah’s welcoming and diverse culinary scene.

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