Best Restaurants In Makkah – 5 Star Cultural Cuisines Dining Experience

best restaurants to visit in makkah

Welcome to a culinary journey through the heart of Makkah, where tradition meets innovation, and flavours come to life in every bite.

A city steeped in history and culture, Makkah’s culinary scene and Makkah restaurants, stand as a testament to the rich tapestry of Arabian gastronomy.

Each restaurant offers a unique blend of exquisite tastes and an enchanting ambiance.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a haji eager to savour the finest dishes Makkah has to offer, our blog is your trusted guide to navigating the diverse and vibrant world of Makkah’s dining scene. 

Does Mecca Have Restaurants?

Yes, Mecca (or Makkah) does have restaurants. While the city is primarily known for its religious significance and as a destination for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, it also caters to a diverse population, including residents, tourists, and visitors.

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on developing the hospitality and dining sectors in Mecca to meet the diverse needs of its residents and the influx of visitors for Umrah and during Hajj.

You can find a variety of restaurants in Mecca, offering a range of cuisines, from traditional Saudi Arabian dishes to international flavours.

Some areas around the Holy Mosque and in different parts of the city have clusters of restaurants and eateries that cater to locals and tourists alike.

These establishments or food restaurants provide a mix of dining experiences, from casual to upscale, to accommodate the diverse tastes and preferences of the people in Mecca.

Whether you’re looking for authentic local cuisine or international fare, Mecca has options for a variety of dining preferences.

How Expensive Is the Food in Mecca?

The cost of food in Mecca can vary widely depending on where you choose to eat. In general, there is a range of dining options catering to different budgets.

Street food and local eateries may offer more affordable options, while upscale restaurants and those in premium locations may be relatively more expensive.

Mecca, has a diverse food scene with options for various budgets. However, prices can be influenced by factors such as the type of cuisine, the restaurant’s location, and its level of sophistication.

how expensive are restaurants in makkah saudi arabia

What Kind of Food Do They Eat in Mecca?

In Mecca, food reflects the heart of local and Middle Eastern traditions. Think Kabsa, a favourite mix of spiced rice and tender meats, or Mandi, where rice and meat come together for a tasty combo.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with local delights like dates and Baklava. And for a light bite, try Hummus or Tabbouleh—perfect for sharing.

Grilled favourites like Shawarma and Kebabs are a hit, celebrating the love for well-spiced meats. Start your day with Ful Medames or Harees for a hearty breakfast.

Is There a Dress Code in Makkah?

Yes, there is a dress code in Makkah, particularly for those visiting the Grand Mosque and performing religious rituals. The dress code is in place to respect the religious and cultural norms of the Islamic faith. Both men and women are expected to dress modestly, and there are specific guidelines to follow.

In Makkah, men adhere to a modest dress code, especially when visiting the Grand Mosque for religious rituals. During the pilgrimage of Hajj or Umrah, men are required to wear Ihram, a simple white garment that symbolises equality and humility before God.

muslim men wearing ihram and dressing modestly

Outside of the pilgrimage, it is recommended for men to wear long trousers and cover their shoulders.

Wearing shorts or clothing that is too tight is discouraged, promoting a sense of modesty in accordance with Islamic customs whether you are a tourist or are there for Umrah or Hajj. 

Women visiting Makkah, particularly when entering the Grand Mosque, are expected to observe a modest dress code.

This typically involves wearing an abaya, a loose-fitting black cloak that covers the entire body, and a headscarf. The dress code is designed to ensure that women’s clothing is modest and not revealing.

While the face and hands may be left uncovered, it is essential to respect local customs and adhere to these guidelines out of consideration for the sacred nature of Makkah and the cultural norms associated with Islamic traditions.

13 Top Restaurants in Makkah

Some of the best restaurants in Makkah include the following:

Gurkan Sef Steakhouse

gurkan sef steakhouse

Gurkan Sef Steakhouse provides a vibrant and joyous social setting, creating a delightful atmosphere for its patrons. Nestled in Ibrahim Al Juffali, Mecca, this restaurant is a cherished favourite among food enthusiasts.

Offering a beautiful ambiance, Gurkan Sef Steakhouse invites guests to relish the most delectable Turkish cuisine. Diners cannot get enough of the excellent food, service and ambience as can be seen in their reviews. 


‘Excellent food, excellent service, cannot express how impressed I was with this fabolous lunch we had, I would certainly come back whenever I’m in Makkah.’ – Trip Advisor


The Oasis

Located in Ibrahim Al Khalil street in Mecca, the restaurant Makkah, The Oasis offers a range of dining experiences, from casual family meals to indulgent buffets.

Recognized with prestigious accolades such as the 2016 World Luxury Restaurants Award and the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, it stands as a testament to culinary excellence.

Enjoy a diverse menu with ala carte dining and extensive buffet options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As per reviews, guests return for the breakfast and the huge selection at the generous buffet.


‘The Oasis restaurant located at Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah, M floor. The service, staff and food was great and high quality. The breakfast is the best.’  – Trip Advisor

Al Shorfa

al shorfa restaurant in makkah saudi arabia

Al Shorfa restaurant beckons discerning diners to an extraordinary culinary journey, seamlessly fusing oriental and international cuisines in a breathtaking setting with an uninterrupted view of the Holy Kaaba.

Perched on the 11th-floor terrace of Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana, this dining gem offers unrivalled panoramic views of Islam’s most sacred shrine. With both à la carte and buffet options, dishes at Al Shorfa are meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients, ensuring a palette-pleasing experience.

Guests return for the view and the great dining options. 


‘I visited this place for a breakfast and went for a continental breakfast. The choice of things could be wider, nevertheless, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and service!’ – Trip Advisor

Best Restaurants in Makkah Near Haram

If you are searching for popular restaurants and dining options near Haram, these restaurants will not disappoint: 

Al Baik Restaurant

restaurants near the haram

Al Baik Restaurant, a well-loved fast-food chain near Makkah, is renowned for its expertise in serving broast chicken and shrimp paired with an array of flavourful sauces.

Positioned in close proximity to Haram Sharif, the restaurant provides a convenient and delicious dining option for locals and visitors alike. The menu at Al Baik is a delightful assortment, featuring an array of offerings such as sandwiches, salads, entrees, and tempting desserts.

Diners describe the food as juicy, delicious and spicy. Check out the reviews for more information. 


‘Really enjoyed our time there good service and helpful team good to tray u will not regret and fair price definitely will come back.’ – Tripadvisor

Al Rehab Restaurant

Located within the prestigious Dar Al Tawheed Hotel (IHG) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and conveniently located near the King Fahad Gate of Haram, Al Rehab stands as the closest hotel and restaurant to this sacred site.

As per reviews, you can indulge in a variety of gourmet offerings, featuring freshly cooked bread, omelettes, pancakes, and flavourful wraps of zatar and cheese.

The restaurant caters to diverse tastes with a selection of Mediterranean, Asian, and European cuisines. It is one of the best hotels there. 


‘Restaurant is very nice in terms of cleanliness, location overlooking haram, interior design, service and food variety. Little expensive but value for money perception is there.’ – Tripadvisor

Al Ruwad

middle eastern cuisine in makkah

Al Ruwad restaurant is located in King Abdul Aziz Endowment within the iconic Abraj Al Bait Complex on Om Al Qura Street in Makkah. Specialising in Middle Eastern cuisine, Al Ruwad offers a delectable array of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Known for its reasonably priced buffet, this 5-star Makkah establishment ensures a diverse selection of dishes every day as per reviews. The welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by the exceptionally hospitable and friendly staff. 


‘Even though we didn’t stay at the Swiss Hotel, we came to the Ruwad restaurant for the evening buffet. It is one of the more reasonably priced buffets at the 5-star Makkah hotels and there is a wide range of options every day. The staff are exceptionally hospitable and friendly.-Tripadvisor

Best Pakistani Restaurants in Makkah Near Haram

If you wish to sample Pakistani cuisine during your visit or pilgrimage to Makkah near the Haram, these options will satisfy:

Faisalabad Restaurant

Experience the authentic flavours of Pakistan at Faisalabad Restaurant, located on Hijrah Street. Specialising in Pakistani cuisine, this culinary gem caters to various dietary preferences, offering Halal and vegetarian-friendly options.

As per reviews, the kebabs are cooked to perfection on-site, stand out as a highlight, showcasing the essence of proper Pakistani spicy delights. From daal to meat korma and Bukhara rice, Faisalabad Restaurant offers the best this cuisine has to offer. 


‘I visited this unassuming Pakistani place shortly before the Magrib prayer. The staff were super friendly and asked me to come back straight after Since food was still being freshly prepared. They were so kind they gave me some of their Sweet yellow rice “on the house” so I wouldn’t be left hungry.’ -Tripadvisor


pakistani restaurants in makkah saudi arabia

Marhaba, is a Pakistani restaurant in Ar Rusayfah near Makkah that reflects the essence of Middle Eastern hospitality and cuisine. This restaurant warmly embraces diners, inviting them to savour the rich tapestry of traditional Arabic fare.

These include aromatic shawarma and crispy falafel as well as velvety hummus and perfectly seasoned kebabs. Guests enjoy the family selection and buffet style dining that allows them to sample a variety of Pakistani dishes. 


‘We have been there for lunch today. Fantastic atmosphere. Foods are awesome. Buffet price was 75/- per head. There were mutton biriyani, 2 grilled items n many more chicken mutton n beef curries. There were 4 dessert & 2 soups types. Foods are yummy. Excellent services. Juices & soft drinks you need to order separate & not included in buffet. Restaurant is not rush like other restaurants.’ -Tripadvisor


La Sani

Situated on Madinah Road in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia La Sani pecialises in Indian, Asian, and Pakistani cuisines, and caters to various palates, offering a range of options for vegetarians and those seeking Halal choices.

It is the go-to destination café for authentic Indian and Pakistani delicacies. Guests cannot get enough of the Indulge in delectable dishes, with the Chicken Tikka Boti claiming its place as a favourite. 


‘The best Pakistan restaurant In Jeddah is La Sani.. Once you you try it you will come back to it again and again and again.’ -Tripadvisor


Best Restaurants in Makkah Clock Tower

For restaurants in the Makkah Clock Tower, you cannot go wrong with these choices:

Atyaf Restaurant

restaurants near mecca clock tower

Nestled within the iconic King Abdul Aziz Endowment at the Abraj Al Bait Complex in Makkah, Atyaf Restaurant offers a vibrant fusion of African, Mediterranean, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines, this all-day dining establishment promises a unique gastronomic experience.

Easily found on the map, Atyaf’s casual yet contemporary ambiance is complemented by a kitchen theatre, a juice station, and a dedicated pizza and pasta station. Diners appreciate the quick and friendly staff and the cuisine which caters to discerning palettes. 


‘This restaurant was great, food was outstanding and customer service was the best.’ -Tripadvisor


The View Terrace

Elevate your dining experience at The View Terrace, nestled within the prestigious Makkah Clock Royal Tower. As one of the finest lounges and hotels in the centre of Makkah, The View Terrace captivates with stunning panoramas of the magnificent Al Masjid Al Haram.

Indoors or under the open sky, savour a diverse menu featuring authentic Italian cuisine, mouthwatering burgers, chicken strips, good club sandwiches, and more. Located on the M4 floor of the Fairmont Clock Royal Tower, this serene oasis offers the perfect setting to unwind with family and friends after Umrah.

Visitors report that they enjoy the delectable starters, main courses, and desserts in Fairmont Makkah while relishing the unparalleled views that make The View Terrace a truly exceptional dining destination.


‘Brilliant service and amazing hotel . The staff in particular are so friendly. I was really impressed the manager in the dining area named Hafiz. He speaks really good English and gave me some great tips on how to get around Makkah. The food in the restaurant is 5 star quality.’ – Google Reviews


Al Hanim

al hanim restaurant chicken dishes in makkah

Al Hanim restaurant in Makkah Clock Tower is a go-to spot for those craving fresh and delicious chicken. Known for their tasty and perfectly cooked burgers, the popular menu offers a variety of options, including Al Hanim chicken, crispy strips, the rancher, cheese fries, fiesta wrap, and coleslaw.

Diners love the fresh food and return for it in droves. Many compare it to Al Baik, a similar restaurant chain.


‘The best after al baik. Nice place to eat and very affordable. Meal for two can be done within 30 Sar.’ -Tripadvisor


Smash Burger

For fast food and especially burger lovers, Smash Burgers is a must-visit destination inside the iconic Makkah Clock Tower. Nestled on the 4th floor, Smash Burgers is a beloved burger haven in the heart of Makkah.

Renowned for its popularity, this eatery caters to American taste enthusiasts with a diverse menu. Offering a range of dining options, from classic beef and chicken burgers to delightful choices like mushrooms and swiss, chili cheese fries, and kids’ meals, Smash Burgers ensures a variety for every palate.

The use of both brown and white bread adds to the customisation. 


‘Had to queue up for about 20 minutes as this place is so popular. Was well worth the wait!! What a fantastic burger and fries, way better than the other burger places, its obvious that they use quality meat.’ -Tripadvisor


Summary – Restaurants in Makkah

In conclusion, Mecca’s culinary panorama is not merely a collection of restaurants; it is a journey through diverse cultures and flavours that harmonise to create a unique and vibrant tapestry.

From the flavoursome broast chicken offerings at various eateries to the iconic views from The View Terrace, each culinary destination weaves a narrative that transcends mere sustenance—it’s an exploration of tradition, innovation, and the rich history that envelops the city.

As residents, pilgrims, and visitors traverse the bustling streets and historical landmarks of Mecca, they are not just immersed in the spiritual significance of the city but are also invited to partake in its diverse gastronomic heritage.

The numerous award-winning establishments, such as The Oasis and Gurkan Sef Steakhouse, showcase Mecca’s commitment to excellence in dining experiences also check out the Swissôtel Makkah. 

The culinary landscape isn’t just a reflection of the city’s past; it’s a vibrant part of its present and future. From the warm embrace of traditional Arabic fare to the fusion of global flavours at Atyaf Restaurant, Mecca stands as a melting pot of tastes that cater to all who seek culinary delights.

In this city of contrasts, where tradition meets modernity, and spiritual reverence coexists with vibrant urban life, the culinary offerings serve as a bridge, connecting people through shared meals and shared moments.

Mecca’s restaurants aren’t just places to dine; they are embodiments of hospitality, inviting all to partake in the rich diversity that defines this sacred city.

You will leave full with the great food and holy zamzam water and will be anxious to renew your visa for your next trip.

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