Hajj Quota 2024 – Hajj Pilgrimage Quotas For Countries Around The World

Hajj quota 2024

Hajj Quota 2024 is one of the most significant considerations for countries participating in the pilgrimage. While the final quotas are still being determined, some countries have already received their confirmed numbers for this year’s Hajj season.

In 2023 countries like Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, and Nigeria have received their respective quotas, allowing a specific number of pilgrims to embark on this sacred journey.

However, for many other countries, agreements are yet to be disclosed. As the pilgrimage approaches, countries await the finalisation of quotas, ensuring their citizens can participate in this deeply meaningful spiritual experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the Hajj quota of 2024.

Hajj 2024

For the upcoming Hajj in 2024, up to now, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the Hajj allocation for one country so far. Indonesia is the only country which has its Hajj quota confirmed for 2024 which is fixed to 221,000 pilgrims.

We will update this list with new announcements from the Saudi Arabia government with countries and their Hajj 2024 Pilgrim allocations. Feel free to bookmark this page or sign up to our email listing to be notified!

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Hajj 2023

Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage, is significant for Muslims worldwide as it offers profound spiritual fulfillment. As preparations for Hajj 2024 are underway, the schedule and flights have been announced.

In 2023, Saudi Arabia has granted “unlimited” permission for pilgrims, lifting the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

While the final quota for all countries is still pending, several countries, including Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, have already received their confirmed quotas.

Let’s delve into the significance of Hajj and the allocation of quotas for the upcoming pilgrimage season.

When was Hajj in 2023?

Hajj 2023, the annual Islamic pilgrimage, is scheduled from June 26th, 2023, to July 1st, 2023.

During this time, millions of Muslims worldwide will embark on a sacred journey to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is a time of deep devotion and spiritual reflection as pilgrims fulfill one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

What is the Hajj quota for 2023?

The Hajj quota for 2023 is still being finalised for most countries. However, some countries have already received their confirmed quotas.

Notably, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan have been allocated quotas of 127,198, 175,025, and 179,210 pilgrims, respectively. These numbers reflect the number of individuals from each country who can participate in the Hajj pilgrimage in 2023.

List of Hajj Quotas from countries around the world for 2023 is:

  • Algeria: 41,300
  • Bangladesh: 127,198
  • India: 175,025
  • Indonesia: 221,000
  • Iran: 87,550
  • Kyrgyzstan: 6,000
  • Malaysia: 31,600
  • Nigeria: 95,000
  • Oman: 14,000
  • Pakistan: 179,210
  • Russia: 25,000
  • Senegal: 12,800
  • Singapore: 900
  • South Africa: 2,500
  • Sudan: 32,000
  • Syria: 22,500
  • Tunisia: 10,982

Note that the quotas for other countries are still being determined and will be announced in due course.

Previous Hajj 2022 Quota

The Hajj quota for the previous year, 2022, varied for different countries.

Here is a list of the quotas allocated to various countries for Hajj 2022:

  • Afghanistan: 13,582
  • Australia: 2,090
  • Bahrain: 2,094
  • Belgium: 1,499
  • Cameroon: 4,527
  • Canada: 1,951
  • Chad: 3,997
  • China: 9,190
  • Egypt: 35,375
  • Ethiopia: 19,619
  • France: 9,268
  • Germany: 4,125
  • Guinea: 4,527
  • Iraq: 15,252
  • Italy: 1,351
  • Jordan: 3,622
  • Kazakhstan: 4,527
  • Kenya: 4,527
  • Kuwait: 3,622
  • Lebanon: 2,716
  • Mali: 6,032
  • Morocco: 15,392
  • Myanmar: 2,173
  • Nepal: 543
  • New Zealand: 204
  • Niger: 7,194
  • Palestine: 2,988
  • Palestinians in Lebanon: 679
  • Qatar: 1,087
  • Somalia: 5,206
  • South Sudan: 616
  • Spain: 970
  • Sri Lanka: 1,585
  • Sweden: 1,182
  • Tanzania: 11,476
  • Turkey: 37,770
  • Uzbekistan: 10,865
  • Uganda: 4,871
  • United Arab Emirates: 2,820
  • United Kingdom: 12,348
  • United States of America: 9,504
  • Venezuela: 91
  • West Africa: 306
  • Yemen: 10,981

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Hajj Registration

Hajj registration is an essential process that allows individuals to express their intent to participate in the annual pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The registration process typically involves providing personal information to the designated authorities, such as name, nationality, and contact details.

Depending on the country and local regulations, registration may be done online, through designated travel agencies, or by Hajj authorities.

The registration period and requirements may vary, and adhering to the specified deadlines is crucial.

Hajj registration ensures that proper arrangements can be made for pilgrims, including accommodation, transportation, and necessary support during the pilgrimage.

Hajj Lottery (Motawif)

The Hajj lottery, also known as the Motawif system, is an allocation process used by some countries to determine the selection of pilgrims for Hajj. In this system, applicants registered for Hajj are entered into a random draw or lottery, and the winners are chosen to participate in the pilgrimage.

The lottery system helps ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all applicants, as the selection is based on chance rather than other criteria.

Countries that utilise the Hajj lottery system aim to provide an unbiased method for allocating limited quotas and managing many individuals aspiring to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Hajj Prices 2024

Hajj prices for the year 2024 can vary, depending on several factors, including the package provider, accommodation type in Saudi Arabia, transportation, and additional services included in the package.

Hajj packages typically cover expenses such as visa fees, flights, accommodation in Mecca and Medina, meals, transportation within Saudi Arabia, and other logistical arrangements.

It is essential to note that the prices for Hajj packages can fluctuate yearly due to various factors, including changes in currency exchange rates, rates of flights, visa fee, transportation costs, and local regulations.

Pilgrims are advised to research and compare different package options to find one that best suits their needs and budget.

Why are Hajj Packages So Expensive?

Hajj packages can be relatively expensive due to several reasons. First and foremost, organising the Hajj pilgrimage involves significant logistical arrangements and infrastructure investments.

This includes providing suitable accommodation, flights, transportation, and other services to accommodate the large influx of pilgrims during the Hajj season.

Additionally, various fees are associated with obtaining visas, securing permits, and complying with local regulations set by the Saudi ministry or Saudi Arabia government if you want to travel to Saudi Arabia.

The costs of flights, especially during peak travel seasons, especially when you’re living abroad, and can also contribute to the overall expenses, so you should always seek travel advice.

Hajj 2024 Age Limit

The age limit for Hajj 2024 varies depending on the country and the regulations set by the Saudi Arabian authorities. Generally, individuals wishing to travel for Hajj must be at least 18 to obtain visa.

However, there is no upper age limit for Hajj participation. Elderly individuals who are physically capable and medically fit to undertake the rigorous activities involved in the pilgrimage are welcome to perform Hajj.

Elderly pilgrims must consult with their healthcare providers and ensure they are healthy before embarking on this spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia.

The safety and well-being of all pilgrims, regardless of age, are of utmost importance during Hajj and Umrah both.

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Summary – Hajj Quota 2024

To sum it up, countries worldwide have started to get allocated specific quotas of allowed visa for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage for foreign travel.

While the final quota for all countries is yet to be decided, some countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan have already received their confirmed quotas.

The quotas vary from country to country, ensuring a diverse participation of pilgrims from different nations in this sacred journey to the Holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia

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