The Dead Sea

Salt deposits from the Dead Sea
Salt deposits from the Dead Sea

This is a view of the Dead Sea, a sea of salt which has the West Bank on the left side and Jordan to its right. It is widely believed to be the place where the community of Lut (عليه السلام) was destroyed.

  • The worst punishment of Allah (ﷻ) to befall a people was to the community of Lut (عليه السلام). Even today, due to its high salt density, no living organism such as fish or moss can survive in the water.
  • The Dead Sea is more than 400 metres below sea level, making it one of the lowest points on earth.
  • Some distance from the shore and clearly visible under the surface of the water are the outlines of forests which the extraordinarily high salt content of the Dead Sea preserved.
  • Much has been made of the therapeutic and medicinal properties of the minerals and rocks around the Dead Sea. However, as this was a place of great chastisement from Allah (ﷻ) all use should be strictly avoided.

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