Masjid al-Ghamama

Front view of Masjid Ghamama
Front view of Masjid Ghamama

Masjid al-Ghamama (Arabic: مسجد الغمامة) is located about 300m south-west of Masjid-e-Nabwi. It is built on the site where the Prophet (ﷺ) performed the Eid salah during the last years of his life.

  • This masjid is also known as Masjid Eid. According to some reports the Prophet (ﷺ) performed the Eid salah here during the last four years of his life.
  • This is also the location where the Prophet (ﷺ) performed Salatul Istisqa (a special salah for invocation of rain). The word Ghamama means clouds which suddenly appeared and brought rain after the Prophet (ﷺ) had performed the prayer.
Interior of Masjid Ghamama
Interior of Masjid Ghamama
  • According to some reports, this was also the spot (or close to this area) where the Prophet (ﷺ) performed the Janaza (funeral) prayer of Najashi, the Emperor of Aksum in Abbyssinia (Ethiopia). Najashi, although being a Christian, had welcomed the groups of Muslims who had migrated to his country in order to escape the persecution of the Quraysh and later on accepted Islam. When however he passed away, there was nobody to lead the funeral prayers and so the Prophet (ﷺ) prayed his Janazah salah, the only time ever he did so in the absence of the actual body.
  • There are no five times salah performed in Masjid al-Ghamama due to its close proximity to Masjid-e-Nabwi.
Exterior of Masjid Ghamama
Masjid Ghamama – Photo: Makkah and Madinah (Flickr)
  • Video of the interior of the masjid (in Urdu):

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