Tomb of Rahil (Rachel)

This structure, located between Bethlehem and Gilo contains the grave of Rahil, one of the wives of Yaqoob (upon him be peace) and the mother of Yusuf (upon him be peace).

  • As well as being the mother of Yusuf (upon him be peace), Rahil also gave birth to a second son, Binyamin (Benjamin), but she had a hard labour and died soon after birth. She was buried by Yaqoob (upon him be peace) in the place above.
  • This site is considered the third holiest in Judaism, after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron.
  • ‘Rachel’s Tomb’ is visited by tens of thousands of people every year, especially Jewish women unable to give birth. Many come to visit on the 11th of the Jewish month of Cheshvan, the anniversary of her death. Jewish tradition teaches that Rachel weeps for her children and that when the Jews were taken into exile, she wept as they passed by her grave on the way to Babylonia.
  • Believers in Kabbalah sometimes wrap red string around the tomb and then make it into bracelets that serve as talismans.

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Note that this entry has been shown for information purposes only. On no account should anybody pray towards a grave or seek supplication through them as this is tantamount to committing shirk, associating partners with Allah (ﷻ)
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